Trans-Core Pipeline
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Welcome to the Trans-Core Pipeline Network Hub!
[SEVERE] Due to limited server participation, Trans-Core Pipeline will be
shutting down UNIX49 Feb 1st @ 00:00 UCT. This may be delayed if server
participation rises substantially before then.

This network hopes to be a unifying force against the rifts between fandoms. However,
we cannot carry out this dream without YOUR help!

Fourteen servers, representing at least five fandoms, are united under us, and our numbers
exceed one thousand. Our servers are, despite all odds, stagnate and devoid of activity.
So, we call to YOU to bring this network to life, and even to make it thrive. We allow
members to hop from fandom to fandom, and from server to server, at a whim.

We have high hopes that more fandoms will make themselves present here among us, and
that these servers will thrive!

Servers and Channels

TCP is shutting down!

TCP's partnership with MNP has been terminated.
TCP's partnership with ADH has been terminated.
The forums have been shut down.
@ToyoBot#7509 and @Zako the OmniAPI#9904 will be shut down on UNIX 49 Jan 30, 00:00 UTC
TCP will shut down UNIX 49 Feb 01, 00:00 UTC; all servers will be ejected.

All files will be migrated to SNRPG's Website.
This website will serve as a redirect to SNRPG's Website.
The 60 undecillion cubic meters of steel that was used in the pipe network will be melted down
and used to build a massive, star-sized spaceship.


Version 4.6.0
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